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Millennial question of the day: What is a Gantt chart? Migrating our #projectmanagement to @teamwork + @HubSpot integration = #SUCCESS



@teamwork Your campus is as beautiful as your software and I am sure as your people :) Happy engineers => Great software.



@teamwork You have one of the best project management app + customer service in the world <3 Love what you do guys (since 2012). #brandcrush



@TransactionPro We use @teamwork chat which is built into our project management software.



@teamwork we’re going to be a pain for a while; sorry. We’ve made an internal change to use Teamwork more extensively.



Amazing support @teamwork during the AWS apocalypse. Fast response time, great notification banner on our TW dashboard #customerservice



.@teamwork you win the award for best support during AWS apocalypse. #custserv #custexp



Happy user of @Teamwork Desk for some time to manage emails but finally getting stuck into Teamwork Projects. Fantastic tool ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️



I'm a big fan of @teamwork for managing simple or complex projects with a distributed virtual team of performers and stakeholders. @lrnchat



Genuine @teamwork customer comment just in: "It's much more robust than the competitors - makes @asana looks like puffed wheat".


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