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when looking for a tool for project and task management, do consider API coverage and support - it's a joy to work with @teamwork



So much could be achieved if workplaces were trained in the art of #teamwork I for one would happily give @teamwork seminars @LouthMeathETB



Why Teamwork Projects is Better than E-mail #TeamWork



Hey @teamwork I love the new calendar features!! Good Job!



A year with @teamwork Desk. Loving it for it's simplicity.



Wow, @teamwork doesn't play around with bug reports...



Are you a small business that utilizes @Teamwork? Tell us why: #bizdex



I'm now using Teamwork Projects to keep me on track and with all my projects.



My almost always charming husband demo'd @teamwork's fantastic project mgmt tool. Oh to have had this at my old job!


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